My Grounded for Life Shrine (1/10/2001 - 1/28/2005)

Grounded For Life

This is Sean, Eddie, and Jimmy as shown in the opening credits.

Here is an overview of the show.

Where it is set:

Staten Island (Though it was filmed in Los Angeles.)

 Air Dates:

1/10/2001 - 1/28/2005, making five seasons total, and about 93 episodes. (Two are unaired from Season IV, and they are at the end of the Season III DVD set.)

All About Regular Characters and Recurring Characters

The Premise:

Family life shown through flash backs of what supposedly happened and what really happened. How to raise your kids, and your parents. Parenting advice from the old school dad. The first two seasons had lots of 1980s flashbacks.

The first season showed life at Catholic school in many episodes. What is unusual is the characters look like people you could really know. Episode titles are derived from songs.

The Finnerty House

Smells like playdough and bacon according to Claudia, in Season IV. Eddie started living in the basement during the final season.

The Finale

Aired on 1/28/2005. I won't list any spoilers, if you haven't seen it, but it is one of the few finales I have watched that I really liked. Henry is only mentioned in it. Sister Helen and Walt are definitely in it, though.


Fox (1/2001 -  12/2002), WB (1/2003 - 1/28/2005)

The show was more musically oriented during the first two seasons and the flashbacks were more pronounced.

Brad was shown more and Walt was shown less after the start of Season III. Season III is confusing to follow.

All five seasons were released on DVD and I do recommend them if you are a fan of the show. I just got Season IV on DVD and the picture quality is incredible! As of 2018 this site still gets visits mainly from the US. I will leave this site online as long as I am alive.

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